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Sophie Boutin

Pronotif is easy to use, practical, fast, reliable, cheaper than registered mail and certainly bailiff. I have been waiting for a service like that for years! Thank you for making it accessible.

Sophie Boutin


Marie Genest

Pronotif has made sending, tracking, and organizing our notices easier than ever - and our tenants are loving our improved communications! A tool clearly built with property managers’ needs in mind, Pronotif is an industry must-have.

Marie Genest, Manager

Claremont Court

Amélie Lacas

Since implementing Pronotif in our workflow, it’s now very easy and fast to serve important notices in addition to having a reliable and instant proof of delivery. This allows us to save time and money, which is always a priority. We are very satisfied and Pronotif is one of our most beautiful initiatives.

Amélie Lacas, Regional Administration